Instituted In 1932

The National
Bible College

Teaching the Kingdom Gospel
with a National Responsibility to
The Covenants of Almighty God

121 Low Etherley, Bishop Auckland
Co Durham, DL14 0HA, United Kingdom

Tel: 01388 834395

Principal: Pastor David J Aimer
Registered Charity No. 211471

Motto: QUOD VERUM TUTUM - "What is true is safe"


Help us in our Biblical research and suggest other topics



  • How many Israelites were deported into Assyria in the 8th. cent. BC.

  • Haplogroup genetic research has enabled people to identify their deep ancestry. Unfortunately the data has been overlaid with evolutionist dogma and chronology. What might be a Biblical perspective on Haplogroups?

  • The Israeli Jews are preparing to build a third temple in Jerusalem. What evidence if any suggests that they will succeed?

  • In the UK GCSE Biology Syllabus, section B3.1.3 states"Know and understand that evidence for evolution is provided by the fossil record and from analysis of similarities and differences in the DNA of organisms." What scientific evidence opposes this claim?